Tanning beds
In the early 90’s tanning beds became very popular. As years go by you may find that the gas springs are not functioning the way they used to and are most likely in need of replacement. This is the time to contact SpringMasters. We can replace gas springs for all major tanning bed brands like Alisun, Hapro, Philips, Palm Beach, Ultra Sun, Sun Vision, Brown Skin and Gerlo . So if you need new gas springs on your tanning bed just contact us at SpringMasters and start enjoying your tanning bed again.

Gas springs with exception of dampers can be fitted with a valve. The valve will make it possible to adjust the force in the gas spring. This comes in handy while prototyping when it not exact sure what the pressure in the gas spring must be.

For mounting your gas springs we suggest  our connection parts and brackets. SpringMasters has a wide variety of these parts in stock.


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